Hello from La Mesa!

Gosh, it’s been a crazy few weeks.  I’ve had a few professional gigs, and the band and I had our first big show with our new (incredible) guitarist Spencer (and it was filmed for a TV Show!), and then you add on work and car repairs and all that other life stuff… really starts to fill up one’s day!

But, it’s all been good.  Real good.  As I announced, our Kickstarter project was successfully funded on March 9th, thanks to 42 amazing backers.  I’ve been working on their prize packages already, and I couldn’t be happier to put in the time.  We won’t actually receive the money for a couple more weeks, but I’ve already started spending in preparation!

I bought…



that beautiful new keyboard!  From a very nice Craigslister.  Each time I use Craigslit and don’t get murdered, I feel pretty positive about the world.


Also pictured is my new mic stand, and quarter inch cable!  It doesn’t seem that exciting, but it really is.  I already had the little Roland amp (small, yet powerful) as well as a few Shure microphones and mic cables… basically, we are all set to tour cause we can do our own sound!  Almost time to hit the road.

I’ve been on tour once before with my teen folk-nerd YouTube sensation group, The Wrong Trousers.  You might remember us busking in the park all those years ago.  Weren’t we precious.

That tour we took in 2008 was the best time of my life, I still have all the memories in my mind as vividly as if they had happened a few weeks ago.  I recently found the tour blog I made for that trip, check it out!  It’s pretty cute.

We’ve  got most of the dates solidified, it’s gonna be an amazing experience.

In other big news…


We’re playing the House of Bluuuueeessss!!!


Yes, it’s true, my personal biggest show to date, and certainly for the band as a whole.  We have to do our own pre-sale, which I don’t really agree with, but… it’s the House of Blues.  I don’t know when that calls gonna come around again, you know?  And it’s only 100 tickets at ten bucks a pop.  I have faith in us.  Sales are going well already.  It’s only a couple weeks away now!  If you want to come see the magic, you can get tickets from the Store.

All in all, life is getting real busy over here, but I’m loving it.  Always feel free to drop me a line on my Facebook page.

I’ll update you if anything else amazing happens!  I can hardly keep up with it all!



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