Wonderful Donors!

Since we’re about a week into our Kickstarter (and halfway to the goal!) (Kickstarter), I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank all our donors, we have 20 so far!  20 wonderful friends, loved ones, as well as strangers.  It’s been a very humbling process.  Every time a new notification comes in that we have a new backer, I’m more excited to see who it is than how much they pledged.  Even if it was just a buck, the fact that anyone would take time out of their day and support me in that way is beyond heartwarming.  I have unique histories with each one of them and I just wanted to honor them a bit, in honor of week one coming to a close!


Wrong Trousers Fans!

I recently reconnected with many Wrong Trousers fans from back in the day, and filled them in on my new musical projects.  Many people showed interest, but a few people we’re SUPER stoked and immensely supportive.  My new-old friends Sara, Charlie, KP and Robert were among the very first to help out our Kickstarter and that was something to see.  Robert even opted not receive the prize for the level he donated at because he was afraid the shipping would cost me too much!  I mean WHO is that considerate anymore?  Of course I argued, he’s getting some swag and he’s gonna like it!

And then there is the mysterious Jeff P, who appears to live in La Mesa but his last name does not right a bell.  Perhaps a friend of a friend?  In any case, thank you so much Jeff!

Marya S. 

I am constantly proud and honored to call this amazing girl one of my best friends of all time.  We are ridiculously alike in the funniest ways.  In high school we used to paint in the dark, ride bikes to the craft store, cook delicious organic dishes and make silly videos and post them to YouTube (see here: http://youtu.be/3KIDxpkCRkc)  She has always been there for me and I’ll never forget it.

Alex C.

I was especially humbled to be supported by this lovely lady because we have only recently gotten to know each other.  She books music at The Loft on UCSD where I went to school.  I’ve heard her sing and she has a beautiful voice, and such a presence when you speak with her.  Attend a Blabbermouth night at UCSD to witness her awesomeness!

Melissa C.  

This girl is my SISTER’s good friend from way back when, I haven’t even seen her in person since I was a chubby little 12 year old, and yet she has made the effort to keep up with my life and support me.  Much love to this woman!

The New Kinetics (x2!)

What?!  The coolest rock group on the planet believes in me?  Enough to back me as a collective?!  TO MUCH AWESOMENESS TO HANDLE.  These guys are goddamn legends, GET to a show next time you can.  You will not be sorry!  Though your face might, cause it will be melted.  http://www.facebook.com/thenewkinetics

Tasha L. 

I have never known someone who functions as a person quite so much as myself like this amazing girl.  She came down to stay with me a few months ago to lay down some saxophone on my album, and it was the first time we’d gotten to talk much since we grew up together at Arrowbear Music Camp all those many summers ago.  We may be alike, but I admire her for so many things.  Her musical talent, her poise, her focus and dedication.  The fact that we are still in touch warms my little heart.  Check out her incredible blog documenting her recent birthright trip to the Holy Land!  (Hello Tumblr!  It’s been a while.

Maggie S. 

High school forever!  Hahaha.  No really though, Maggie was in my graduating class at Coronado High, 2007.  We didn’t know each other extremely well, but had a few classes together, and she was a fan of my band The Wrong Trousers, whose first gig was our high school talent show (we totally won.)  We’ve stayed in contact on Facebook and I’m so glad because I love seeing what she’s up to as well.  Thank you so much Maggie!!

Jessie B. 

I feel like I have known Jessie forever, but it has only been a couple years now.  We were coworkers at Whole Foods in Hillcrest, but became close friends.  Jessie is a musician as well, him and his brother Dominic KILL it on the mics.  (http://www.facebook.com/brothersburnsjphatts?ref=ts)  You gotta see em perform!  Jessie gives the best hugs of all time, and I’d never trade our friendship for the world.

Marlane M. 

Marlane is the mother of a dear friend of mine.  I have always looked up to her, she is exactly the kind of woman I would like to be someday.  She is a successful writer, has started a cooking school in Tuscany and always seems to be thinking up something new.  Plus, she’s devastatingly beautiful!  Thank you Marlane :)  (Check out her school!  It’s BREATHTAKING:  http://www.ilcampoitalia.com/)


For those of you who have not met Soooz, she is the bubbliest, most infectiously bright person you will ever meet.  Her energy and good vibes leave you humming for a week, and she is always full of good insight and endless love.  I am honored to have her in my life.  She is Mike’s (my bass player) mother, and they play together in a group called “Your Mom.”  Check them out!  They play all around town.

Brian C.

Brian started out being one of my regulars at Whole Foods Encinitas, and now we are good friends!  He came to my CD release show and really, really digs my music, seems like he tells everyone about it and I appreciate it more than he knows.  Brian used to be an actor, he had some parts in some pretty big films too!  Now he does website/app creation, I wish I had a link to his business.  He is a great person who I’m thankful for.


This is another girl I met in adolescence at Arrowbear Music Camp, but we have stayed good friends up til now.  Growing up we shared a mutual obsession over Harry Potter and we still bicker about certain phrase use or minute facts to this very day.  I love her and am honored she supports me still.

Will R. 

This darling boy has an energy like you wouldn’t believe.  He’s another one who I feel I’ve known for a very long time, but we only met a few years ago at UCSD.  He is a phenomenal person, thinker, do-er, be-er.  I am constantly inspired by his actions, thoughts, and memories of conversations of our school time.  He came to my shows when I was just starting out solo, and I’ll remember it forever.

Stephanie M. 

Stephanie was a writing teacher of mine at Grossmont College before I even transfered to UCSD.  She remains one of the best teachers of my entire schooling career.  She pushed me, made me edit, edit again, really look closely at what I was writing.  I was frustrated from time to time but she turned me into a better writer and I am forever in her debt, forever her student.  Thank you Stephanie, truly.

Kate S. 

Kate is the mother of another dear friend, but with the frequency that she and her husband Art attend my shows, it’s almost like they’re my parents too.  They almost  have a perfect track record on attendance at my shows, for which they deserve the gold medal forever, as well as whatever prizes they desire.  Instead, they turn around and support me some more.  I am too blessed, and I can never thank them enough.  Every time I see them at a show, I feel happier and more confident.

Moving into week two of Kickstarter, and nearing the tour, I feel speechless every so often that I have been given these opportunities in my life.  Sure, I work really hard to get them and keep them up, but I would never be doing any of them without the support of the people in my life.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and I love you for all time.

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